HAP 02 - It’s Only Human - Philosophy in Prehistoric Africa

April 15, 2018

Might philosophy be as old as humankind as we know it? We investigate the implications of findings concerning the origins of humankind in Africa.


HAP 01 - Something Old, Something New - Introducing Africana Philosophy

April 1, 2018

Chike Jeffers and Peter Adamson kick off the new series by explaining the scope and meaning of "Africana philosophy".


HPI 62 - Kit Patrick on Philosophy and Indian History

March 18, 2018

The host of the History of India podcast joins us for the final episode on India. Coming next: Africana philosophy!


HPI 61 - What Happened Next - Indian Philosophy After Dignaga

March 4, 2018

A whirlwind tour of developments in Indian philosophy after Dignāga and a few words about the contemporary relevance of the tradition.


HPI 60 - The Buddha and I - Indian Influence on Islamic and European Thought

February 18, 2018

The impact of ancient Indian thought upon the Muslim scholar al-Bīrūnī and upon European thinkers like Hume, Hegel, and Schopenhauer.


HPI 59 - Looking East - Indian Influence on Greek Thought

February 4, 2018

Did Indian ideas play a role in shaping ancient Greek philosophy?


HPI 58 - Amber Carpenter on Animals in Indian Philosophy

January 21, 2018

An interview with Amber Carpenter about the status of nonhuman animals in ancient Indian philosophy and literature.


HPI 57 - Learn by Doing - Tantra

January 7, 2018

Philosophy is put into practice in Kashmir Śaivite Tantra and Buddhist Tantra.


HPI 56 - Who’s Pulling Your Strings? - Buddhaghosa

December 24, 2017

Buddhaghosa, a major figure in the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, argues against the need for a self to control and coordinate mental activities.


HPI 55 - Doors of Perception - Dignaga on Consciousness

December 10, 2017

Dignāga argues that all perception is accompanied by self-awareness.